The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird

We created custom bedskirts to coordinate with the bedding and custom sheers with blackout over-drapes for the windows in 288 rooms.

Alta's Rustler Lodge

We created custom bedding with matching bolster and bedskirt as well as coordinating sheers with blackout over-draped for the windows in over 300 rooms.



The Holland America Cruise Ship

We created custom bedskirts and blackout draperies for all 540 cabins.

K&R Interiors is the premier custom bedding, drapery, and fabric company in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. With clients like the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, Alta's Rustler Lodge and even the Holland America Cruise Ships - our handmade bedding sets are the best in the world (we’ve even won awards to prove it!). 

Made in the USA with only the best velvets, chenille, tapestry, and combed cotton imported worldwide from the very best artisans.

Wrap your loved ones in uniquely soft and comfortable bedding that looks new even 5 years later. It won’t fray or lose its color. Your skin can feel the difference - it’s soft, durable, and will not break down over time.

Master seamstresses build your perfect night of sleep from our family-owned workshop in Salt Lake City. With the finest cotton from Egypt, the best textiles from Turkey, and much more, for the premium quality, you can feel.