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What makes a K&R set so special?

What makes a K&R set so special?

As the head designer, I get asked this question everyday. What's the difference between a bed and a bag and a K&R bedding set? Why would I buy here when I can head to the local department store? Let's start with fabrics. K&R buys only first quality goods. We buy thee most beautiful silks from India, elegant tapestry from France, breath taking damask and velvets from Turkey. The list goes on and on. All the fabrics we buy are very durable to ensure that your set will last for years to come.  Everything is hand selected by our design team including all 790 rolls of in stock  patterns. K&R Stocks over 900 different fabric and 300 different trim. Next, let's talk about the quality of workmanship. All K&R Bedding set are made right in our locator in Salt Lake City, Utah . Our seamstress are so talented. Most of them has been with the company for a long time. This year we have 4 seamstress celebrating over 15 years with K&R. How cool is that? Everything is manufactured with the highest level of quality. Our workroom manager insects everything to ensure everything is perfect. Here is a short clip all about the workroom: So what makes a K & R bedding set do amazing? Quality, craftsmen ship and style. by: Kristine Grover