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Looking for Inspiration

Looking for Inspiration

Many of my clients ask me where I look to get inspiration for the projects that I work on. I use several different web sights. I wanted to share my two favorite with you. 1- Pintrest- I love, love, love this site. There are so many cool ideas and tips if you want to do a project your self.  I love that it crosses over from home to hair, beauty and make up. We know how much I love make up. Here are a few amazing ideas that I can't wait to use. Archer hardware on a mirror sliding door

This door is such a great use of space. The mirror gives it function and a very clean, classy look.

How High to Hang Curtain Rods

The Do's and Don't of draprey. I use this drawing almost everyday. It's a good visual for my clients to see the idea of making your windows and room look larger with drapery. The art of Drapery can really make a room look larger.

We love the intricate detailing in this room, and the colour palette looks exquisite

Everything about this room is amazing. The rug is one of a kind. The walls and use of the ceiling is just breath taking.  The Candider is very unique and gives this room an amazing feeling. 2- Houzz. Not to many people have used this web site. They story of how it was started is very cool. A couple in New York started building a custom home. There was nothing out there that was geared to home design. Houzz was born. It is amazing how much this site has grown. The idea is you can browse the site for free, upload ideas and even upload your portfolio. It's a great tool if your researching an idea or looking for someone to help you make your idea come to life. K&R has had the amazing opportunity to be the best of houzz and new to the market place. You can now view our bedding online as well as buy it. Here are a few awesome ideas that I have added to my own personal Houzz board. I will give you the address. Feel free to check it out. There are so many amazing drapery ideas on this site. You will find anything and everything. This is a great site to check out.   Till next time. Keep smiling. The world is an amazing place. -Kristine Grover