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Lamps: The Perfect Accessory

Lamps: The Perfect Accessory

"If something fulfills its function, it's inherently beautiful.” -Socrates

Think about the items in your home, and try to decide which are your favorite. You probably own a lot of beautiful items and a lot of functional items, but chances are your favorite items are the beautiful ones that serve a purpose: the weathered leather couch that is comfortable enough to sleep on, or the vintage trunk of your grandmothers that hold all your bed linens. The best decor you can have in your home is an item that looks good but serves a purpose, and the perfect example is a lamp.

Labonia Crystal Table Lamp Labonia Crystal Table Lamp

Lamps are the perfect accessory. They come in unlimited shapes and can fit into any decor style, from ornate to classic to modern. Lamps provide task lighting or general lighting, but no matter where you place them they can look stylish while proving to be useful.

26401_1_ Briley Crystal & Polished Nickel Lamp

Here at K&R we just got our fall shipment of lamps in, and there are some beautiful ones in stock. My personal favorite is the Telesino with its thick crystal disks and white marble base. Place one of these on each nightstand in a master or guest bedroom to instantly add some symmetry and class to the space.

26646_1_ Telesino Crystal Disk Lamp