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Fall Trends for the Home

Fall Trends for the Home

The days are starting to cool down and the leaves are beginning to fall, which means autumn isn't too far away. With the changing of the seasons now is a great time to update your decor or try a new style. Here's our list of the top fall trends this season that can help you transition your home home from the warm summer months to the cool winter ones.

Natural Decor

This trend has been hot for a while now, but bringing the outdoors indoors is an especially good look for your home in the fall. Natural accents like tree stump side tables, birch candles, and scented pinecones evoke a woodsy feeling- they're like the stylish, grown-up version of autumn decor.

birchcandleholders (1)



There are a couple color trends that are popular this fall. Neutrals like tans, beiges, taupes, creams, and grays are big as always, especially when layered together for a tone on tone look.


Dark colors like black and navy are the go-to for accent walls right now. These deep, moody colors mirror the weather this time of year and add instant drama and depth to a space. They're better done in small amounts, like for accent walls or nooks, or else in spaces with lots of natural light.


Another hot color trend is high-contrast colors rather than pastel or muddy ones. Bright colors go perfectly with fall time- think of bright orange pumpkins, vivid red leaves, stark blue skies. These high-contrast colors pair perfectly with either a neutral or a dark color, since they will set each other off and create a statement in your home.


Throw Blankets

The perfect go-to accessory to instantly warm up your space and make it feel cozy is a throw blanket. While these are handy to have around all year, fall is the time you you reach for a blanket whenever you sit down on the couch or curl up in an armchair. Fur throws are always a good option, for both their warmth and snuggle-ready quality. Chunky knit throws are also extremely popular as they invoke the feeling of a favorite sweater.

chunky blanket

Metal Accents

Metal accents are huge right now, and we're not talking about your basic gold and silver. Accessories in brass, copper, tin, and stainless steel finishes are available just about anywhere right now. They add some unexpected interest to a space and can give either a vintage, industrial, or glamorous vibe. Mixing metals is very stylish too, so don't be afraid to try more than one. Looks for small pieces like pictures frames, tabletop objects, and trays that are inexpensive and easy to incorporate into a space.



It might sound a bit strange, but books are making a big comeback right now. With so many e-readers on the market people are missing that nostalgic, warm and dusty feeling that you can only get with a real life book. If you have a built-in or bookshelf full of accessories, try clearing out some space for a mini personal library. It'll bring a lot of warmth and character into your home.