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Bedding: A Long-Term Relationship

Bedding: A Long-Term Relationship

The focal point of a bedroom should be the bed; it’s arguably the most important piece of furniture you own. Why, you might ask? Because people spend approximately a third of their lives sleeping. According to the American Time Use Survey, the average person sleeps 7.7 hours a night- thats 2,810.5 hours a year. If you live to be 75 years old thats 210,787.5 hours (or, to help put it in perspective, 24.3 years) of your life you spend sleeping.


Chances are, you’ll spend most of those 24 years sleeping at home in your own bed.



So whatever you put on that bed that you’ll spend years sleeping in is pretty important; it sets the tone for your nights rest as well as for the style of the space. Your bedding will determine whether you wake up tired because you didn’t sleep well or wake up reluctant to leave your bed because it’s so soft and comfortable; it will determine whether your bedroom has a very minimal versus a very cozy feel; mostly, it will determine whether you hate or love your bedroom both for its form (how it looks) and its function (how it’s used.) Amazing how so much can be determined by something as simple as what you put on your bed.


What's the moral of the story here? It's pretty simple, really: you and your bedding spend a lot of time together- maybe it's time to get serious about the relationship. Figure out what fabrics feel the best, what textures drive you crazy, what colors you detest. Once you've figured out what you like, invest in it. It may take a little time and money but figuring out what you love will always be worth it.



Whether you love a simple look or crave that luxurious style, make sure that your bedding and bedroom fit you. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together.