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6 tips for a cozy Master Bedroom

6 tips for a cozy Master Bedroom

Master bedroom with fireplace (25) Decorative Bedroom  

Your master bedroom is the one place that you can go after a long day and  relax completely… right?

If you’re shaking your head, you may be in need of a  master bedroom makeover. If you follow these steps, it can be a place to completely relax. 1. Plan. When thinking about your bedroom you first need to  collect ideas and brainstorm your favorite looks, and the way you want your bedroom to feel. An easy way to do this is online, and what some popular styles might be in the stores. Then save what you like. You will also need to measure your space to ensure no furniture returns. 2. Purpose. Take a minute to decide on the purpose of  your master bedroom. Will it be your cozy, curl-up space? Or a night-time getaway with a TV and sitting area? How will this room function for you? 3. Theme. The theme of your bedroom is extremely important. It helps tie all of the colors, furniture lines and lighting  together. Think about what you want; a casual, contemporary or romantic bedroom? As long as it reflects your personality and fits your function. 4. Colors. The colors that you choose for your master bedroom should be warm and inviting. Some people prefer neutrals while others like bold colors – the choice is up to you. Just remember that your colors should reflect your theme. It's always important to remember that colors help relax and rest. 5. Bedroom Furniture. After you have measured and thought  about theme, you can start browsing for your furniture. There are several things to consider while you are shopping. Make sure you have enough storage, and it’s not too much furniture for a small area. Make sure there’s plenty of walking room. What style of bed do you find yourself looking at? It is a rich wood or more of a fabric upholstered look? Do you want to be trendy or are you looking for a more classic look? 6. Lighting. Lighting a room properly can completely change the way your furniture and skin tone look.  Make sure your room has enough lighting to suit your needs, choose nice bedside table lamps if you like to read, or a standing lamp if you have a sitting area. The main light fixture will be a focal point, so choose wisely, and make sure it fits with the overall flow of the room. Another consideration could  be whether or not you also need a ceiling fan for warmer climates. Some  purchases to think about are: Drapery or Roman shades vs blinds. Bedding – Coverlet vs Duvet cover. Dust ruffle vs no dust ruffle. Decorative pillows Wall hangings and picture frames An area rug for chilly wood floors Mirrors – a stand-up mirror for a full-length view is optimal if you have  the space. Shopping for your accents is where you can truly bring the elements and  theme of your room together.