Before and after- Drapery inspiration


Drapery.. Drapery.. Drapery..

I was asked recently why drapery and valances are always a must have.  It’s an easy answer. Drapery helps a room look polished and finished. They can help add color and of course, give you privacy when needed.

I went out on-line and started looking at before and after shots of room with drapery vs without. I wanted to share a few.


Love how they threw in Black and white panels. This gives the room that finished look.


Drapery can totally change the feeling of a room. This is a great example of how they can update a room quickly and easily.  Love how this room turned out.



Valences can be a fast way to add color to any space.  We have the ability to make any style valance out of any fabric. I love how they gave these valances a little shape.



This is my favorite before and after. I always save the best for last.  I love how this room turned out. It is so elegant and makes the room look so much larger. It is always a great idea when you can to make several windows into one larger window.


Until next time…