All about Roman Shades… by: Kristine Grover


Roman Shades, once considered old-fashioned and frumpy, have seen a delightful revival. They can be bright, cheerful and as colorful as your favorite painting, or they can be ethereal, light and effortlessly blend into your surroundings. Roman Shades are simply made from a flat piece of material that folds up accordion style and is pulled up by a cord which evenly raises the blind.  Roman shades are often mounted inside the window like a blind but however, can  be mounted outside of the window. Like other different types of window treatments, Roman Shades when lowered provide light control, privacy and can even help with temperature control if lined with an insulating fabric.  There are several different types of Roman Shades.  Here are a few I would like to share.

Flat Roman Shades
If you love big bold patterns on your shades, then the flat Roman style is the way to go. Made with one continuous piece of fabric, these shades hang flat in front of a window. This style of Roman is  without horizontal seams, patterns remain pleasingly uninterrupted which expertly showcases the pattern and color of your material. Regardless of the fabric, the smooth drape of this style provides a simple, clean and casual look.

Classic Cascading Roman Shades

Classic Cascading Roman Shades, sometimes referred to as flat fold, are made of fabric panels horizontally seamed typically about 8-10 inches apart. The pleating allows the shade to stack concisely and presents a more structured, tailored look. Romans add style and dimension to any decor.

 Relaxed Roman Shades
Relaxed Roman Shades are the epitome of casual chic. They’re stylish, yet informal and unfussy. When raised, the center of the shade slightly bows down as the sides are gently lifted up and the fabric stack comes together is gentle folds.  These types of Romans are delicate and soft, creating a romantic aura in your home. These Romans can be made with or without lining.


Hobbled Roman Shades
Hobbled Romans are far the most popular shade we make.  Hobbled Roman Shades feature soft cascading folds that ripple down the front face of the fabric. When raised, the shade stacks nicely into neat folds. More traditional and tailored in style, these shades never fail to make a statement out of your windows. The sophisticated softness brought to a space with hobbled Romans makes them ideal for bedrooms, dining rooms or other relaxing areas of the home.