11 Must See Dream Bedrooms


I ran into this article over the weekend on 7 Days Theory. The title differently caught my eye. 11 Must see dream bedrooms. I wanted to share this with you since K&R is all about building the master bedroom of your dreams.

#1: Wood Beams


This room is simply amazing. The wood beams  and the fire place give the space a warm and welcoming feeling.  I love the draperies, they add so much to any room.

#2: Grand Master Bedroom


This room is just breath taking. I love how they are filled the bay with drapery. So elegant and classy.  The colors they choose are so soft yet add so much depth to the room. I love it. The lighting adds highlights. Very well done.

#3: Opens up the back yard


This master is very lovely. I am starting to see more and more of this style of bringing nature into the home with doors that open up. I love how they left everything very natural and bright.

4: Bamboo Ceiling


I did a hotel in Hawaii  a few years ago that had this same concept of the Bamboo ceiling. The bamboo ceiling is a great way to add texture but still keep it a Natural pallet.

#5: Amazing views to wake up to


This by far would be amazing to wake up to.  Utah’s mountains are beautiful but the beach is one of my favorite places to visit. I love how they have opened the space with lots of glass that is moveable.  Very beautiful.

#6: Ocean View


Another amazing room with a breathtaking view. I love how the floor gives this room textured rustic look, yet still has a clean sleek look.  Love the fire place and tv. Are you a fan of a TV in the Master? I am. I love to curl up and relax with a good movie.  The ceiling cut out is a great way to make a space look larger. Well done.

#7: Beautiful Details


This room is very unique. So many details gives this room a very sleek and modem feeling.  The flooring is very cool.  I like how they made it a pattern and just not a flat color. Out of all my years in design, I have never seen anything like that bed. I love how they took the headboard  onto the ceiling. The ceiling is by far the coolest ceiling I have ever seen.  Love the texture and rouged feel it gives.

#8: Mirrors everywhere


So many people are loving and hating this trend. I personally love the mirror trend that’s going on right now.  A full room of mirrors might be a little weird, but I love how they made the mirrors into a pattern. Mirrors can make a room look so much larger.  I love the glamor effect they have. It make it very old world Hollywood.

#9: Living in the woods


This is very much a Park City look. I love, love, love the windows. This is a small room but with the windows, It make this room feel large and open. I like that they kept the bedding very simple. Very rustic and simple.

#10: Amazing Wood Working Ceiling:


This room would fit into that Park City feel. This ceiling is amazing. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that when into it. I love they kept the room open and bright. It keeps the ceiling at the focal point.

11: Modern sophisticated


This room fits the trend right now perfectly. I love how they used the wall to create height to  make the room look larger. The pop of wallpaper is perfect, It gives the room a little Hollywood Glimmer. I love the bed. Very unique.


The Bonus Room:

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge batman fan. I think this room is awesome. No, I would never want to live with in lol, but I love the idea. This would be every 12 year old boys dream room.

Hope you enjoyed some amazing master bedrooms.